Oct 15 classroom blog - where to start Mikey McKillip

Decisions, decisions, there are so many choices out there for classroom blogs. Which one or what type of blog will be the best fit?  Read more | Comments: 1

Jun 18 new town and new school Mikey McKillip

Goodbye Shanghai and Hello Dar es Salaam!  Read more | Comments: 4

May 10 S2F2 teaser and documentary Mikey McKillip

S2F2 committee member and dear friend Jonathan Chambers has created video to document some of this year's experience... Read more | Comments: 0

May 07 the annual egg drop Mikey McKillip

Science and Fun - The SCIS Annual Egg Drop Challenge Read more | Comments: 0

Apr 18 S2F2 shanghai student film festival Mikey McKillip

The S2F2 mission is to create a space for students that is cross-cultural in scope and global in reach, for students to share their video projects. We encourage students to participate by watching and responding to the work of their peers, and submitting work of their own.  Read more | Comments: 6

Feb 22 tech integration - a work in progress Mikey McKillip

As the school year continues, the Lower School Technology Integration Program continues to gain momentum as we reflect, make changes and celebrate our successes.

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Jan 22 problem solving with online games Mikey McKillip

Using online interactive games can help students to develop collaboration and problem solving skills. 

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Nov 05 typing – going open source Mikey McKillip

Taking a closer look at open source typing resources for students to use both at school and at home. 

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Oct 30 mind mapping - mind the gap Mikey McKillip

Free open source graphic oranization tools for students and teachers.

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Oct 20 social networking at school Mikey McKillip


Safe and secure social networking at school with ePals.

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Oct 13 integrating art and technology Mikey McKillip

Integrating art with technology; focus on digital photography with lower school students. Read more | Comments: 1

Oct 10 website creation tools for teachers Mikey McKillip

Teachers are busy teaching and often don't have a lot of time to create an online presence. Here are a few FREE options for the busy teacher.  Read more | Comments: 0

Oct 05 alien stories - intro to mac Mikey McKillip

A fun and easy way to get lower school students started using the Mac at school.  Read more | Comments: 0

Sep 23 expectations for using technology Mikey McKillip

Setting up classroom rules and expectations for using technology at school.

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Sep 22 tech intergration - support and setup Mikey McKillip

Some thoughts on setting up a technology integration program - creating a Scope and Sequence for teachers and students.

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Aug 29 welcome - technology integration Mikey McKillip

Technology Integration defined and how I plan to get started...
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