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Safe and secure social networking at school with ePals.

As the school year started, I was interested in getting students involved with social networking. Most poplar social network sites (MySpace, Facebook, etc.) are geared toward teens and adults. I was in search of something more secure and acceptable for use at school for our younger, lower school students.

I looked into a few options and decided to use ePals for our lower school teachers and students. I set up teacher and student accounts and scheduled time in each classroom to demonstrate how to use ePals. I encourage my teachers to create an individual profile for their class and explore the many features offered through ePals.

ePals SchoolMail
Secure Teacher and Student Accounts – Teachers can select the level of security they want for their students’ email accounts
Collaborative Global Projects – Ready to use collaborative unit plans for teachers and students
Secure File Sharing - options for sharing large files for collaborative projects
Forums – Collaborative communication tool for teachers and students
Chat – Secure chat rooms for teachers and students to communicate
Translation Tools – Translate emails for students in many different languages

ePals SchoolBlogs
Secure blog sites for schools

So far, ePlas has been easy to use a a very useful tool for teachers to connect with other teachers around the globe. ALSO the ePlas staff has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

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