Sep 23 expectations for using technology Mikey McKillip

Setting up classroom rules and expectations for using technology at school.

To start off any successful school program, clear expectations must be established and agreed upon by everyone involved at the start of the year. To set these expectations, students and teachers must have a good understanding of “technology”.


I decided to take a few days at the start of the year to have classes brainstorm ideas to define ‘technology’. Typically students begin by stating that technology is computers and using computers in the classroom. I found it useful to show examples and pictures of technology starting from simple ideas like the pencil and the wheel and asking the students to explain how these items can be classified as technology. Once students started discussing technology as ideas and inventions to help people, they were able to make connections with more obvious examples of current technology like cars, mobile phones, robots and of course computers.

Once students (and teachers) had a clearer understanding of technology and the resources available as ‘technology’ for use in the school, we worked together to synthesize classroom rules and expectations. Students create their own classroom poster listing their own ideas. The students and teacher sign the poster with the understanding that by signing everyone agrees to these expectations and then place the poster in the classroom for all to see and use throughout the year.

Here is an example of one of the Student created posters:


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