Apr 18 S2F2 shanghai student film festival Mikey McKillip

The S2F2 mission is to create a space for students that is cross-cultural in scope and global in reach, for students to share their video projects. We encourage students to participate by watching and responding to the work of their peers, and submitting work of their own. 

The Shanghai Student Film Festival was again a huge success this year due to the hard work and dedication of teachers, administrators, our local and global community members and of course our students. I continue to enjoy having the opportunity to work with so many talented people.

As a founding member of the S2F2 committee, it has been a great experience for me getting to work with teachers and administrators from around Shanghai and the East Asia region. This year's committee consisted of the following people:

Mikey McKillip - Shanghai Community International School

David Gran - Shanghai American School

Randy Girdner - Shanghai Community International School

Amanda Decardy - Shanghai American School

David Larson - Concordia International School

Jeff Barrons - Shanghai American School

Jonathan Chambers - Shanghai American School

Mike Lambert - Concordia International School

Tom Banaszewski - Shanghai American School

Steve Venema - Shanghai Community International School

David Crawford - British International School Shanghai

Simon May - Shanghai American School

Even in my own building, S2F2 has helped to build and strengthen ties within our learing  community. Nick Togneri has been a huge part of making S2F2 a sucess at SCIS Pudong Campus. His work with students in middle and upper school on various stop-motion and animation projects have been well received by S2F2 audiences. Amy Guard, also for the past two years has supported S2F2 by including a visual arts unit into her middle school Poetry/Language Arts program. Both Ms. Guard and Mr. Togneri's students have felt empowered by S2F2, having their work showcased and celebrated by their friends, families and peers.

Andy Torris joined S2F2 this year providing leadership and direction from the Shanghai American School administrative team. Agiain Jon Zurfluh gave the S2F2 team his undivided attention and suport for administrative backing along with new comer Jeff Stubbs also from the Shanghai Community International School. Their vision, leadership and understanding the importance of 21st century learning has been a crucial part of making S2F2 a reality and a success for all involoved. 

Some S2F2 links:

S2F2 opening with Scott McCloud

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