Professional Development Presentations 

Learning 2.008 - Shanghai, China

Animation in the Classroom

Hands-on Learning - Integrating Curriculum and Technology
Teaching and Integrating Technology through Animation. Spice up your curriculum with student created multimedia projects that promote authentic, standards based, hands-on learning. 

ePals - 21st Century Collaboration Skills and Social Networking
Safely connecting, collaborating and learning about responsible social networking; students and teachers work together to create global community. Learn more about ePals and join the discussion of how social networking is opening a world of opportunity for our students to work with others students around the globe.

S2F2 - Shanghai Student Film Festival: Start your own Film Festival Today!

A showcase for the many ways that students are using video as a tool in the classroom. The S2F2 mission is to create a space for students that is cross cultural in scope and global in reach, for students to share their video projects and exchange new ideas. Find out more about S2F2 at:

SCIS Pudong Campus 2008-09

Lower School Technology Integration

Internet Resources - Research and Web 2.0 Tools

websites - web 2.0 applications - research tools and ideas - iste/nets

A look at just a few Search Resources and Web 2.0 applications that teachers, students and parents should be using. Opportunity to share your own resources and try many new ones. 

Building Resources @ SCIS Pudong Campus

copiers/scanner - cameras - laptops - PCs - LCDs - document cameras - projectors
A quick look at the many hardware resources available to teachers and how to use them. 

SCIS Pudong WordPress ( 
newsletter - highlight student successes - PBL - PLN - professional portfolio 
A critical look at the new SCIS Pudong Campus Portal for information to our student and parent community. We will look at examples of teacher WordPress sites. Teachers will take time to do a hands-on approach, walking away having created their own site. 

Find out more about WordPress from 
WordPress "How to..." from WordPress TV 

PBL (Project Based Learning) 
21st century learning – lesson planning – collaboration – asking questions 
A strategy that combines inquiry based instruction with collaborative learning. Providing students with learning experiences that give them knowledge and skills to enhance their lives and achieve success both now and in the future. 

Project Based Learning Articles
How to get started with Project Based Learning Tips and ideas on how to get started with PBL in your classroom
Start with the Pyramid: Real-World Issues Motivate Students In this classroom, children use concrete, real-world examples to illustrate core knowledge. 
Project Based Learning Engages Students, Garners Results PBL engages students' interest and motivates them to learn.
The Power of Project Learning
Why new schools are choosing an old model to bring students into the 21st century.

Project Based Learning - Links For Education 
Youth Learn Project/Inquiry Based Learning 
Online Library for Project Based Learning Buck Institute Project Based Learning 
Project Based Learning Checklist Checklists for Project Based Learning and evaluation 
Project Based Learning Resource Center Research, Planning and Resources 
Curriculum Collaboration Toolkit Tools that Enhance Understanding 

Collaborative Project Networks for Education 
ePals Global Community of Connected Classrooms! 
iEARN International Education and Resource Network 
Project Based Learning Library Sample Projects and Lesson Plans 
The Global Education Collaborative Helping Teachers and Students Around the Globe to Connect project database

Social Networking and PLN (Personal Learning Networks)

FaceBook - Twitter - Delicious - Flikr - ePals - iEARN and much more
We will look at Social Networks and discuss their use both at home and at school. Teachers will build their own PLN and learn more about best practice, collaborating and learning with peers around the globe.